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Mark's Moving & Storage truck.

At the JF&CS Center for Early Relationship Support®, we often work with parents who are in the process of moving from a homeless shelter or unsafe housing into a new apartment. These parents hope to set up a warm and comfortable home for their children, but they often lack the resources to pay for movers.

In these situations, JF&CS has been fortunate to partner with Mark’s Moving & Storage. Based in Westborough, this moving company has been offering its services free-of-charge to our high-need clients.

“We are so grateful for our relationship with Mark’s Moving,” said Ellen Jawitz, the Family Resource Coordinator at JF&CS. “Hiring movers can cost hundreds of dollars, so receiving these services for free is an enormous help to our clients — especially during the pandemic.”

From the Furniture Bank to a New Home

Earlier this year, JF&CS assisted a family with young children as they moved out of an apartment that was infested with mice. The family was able to find a new apartment, but they had to abandon all of their furniture.

“Our clients were afraid to bring any of their old furniture into the new place because they thought it could pose a health risk to their children,” explained Ellen. “We referred the family to New Life Furniture Bank so that they could outfit their new apartment, but they had no way to transport the furniture home.”

Mark’s Moving came to the rescue, meeting our clients at the furniture bank and bringing all of the items they had picked out to their apartment. Without assistance from Mark’s, they would not have been able to furnish their new home.

Going Above and Beyond

Mark’s Moving recently helped another one of our clients,*Jessica, when she had the opportunity to move to a safer apartment. A single mother of three, Jessica couldn’t afford the cost of movers and had no one to help her.

“I was feeling so overwhelmed by the move,” said Jessica. “But Mark’s staff made everything easy.” They treated her belongings with care, and they treated her with kindness and respect. “The Mark’s Moving team truly went above and beyond,” shared Jessica. “I never would have gotten the couch through the door without their help!”

Mark’s Moving started working with JF&CS in 2017, and they have since become trusted partners for our Center for Early Relationship Support. “When we ask Mark’s to help one of our families move, we know that they will provide the same friendly, professional service that they offer to their paying customers,” said Ellen. “I can rest easy knowing that our clients are in good hands.”

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*Name changed to protect privacy.