My dad died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep in 2015. Then in 2017, my fiance went back home to the Cape and was hit by a drunk driver and died. After that, I moved in with my mom full-time to take care of her. She had a liver problem and passed in 2019.

I'm an only child and after all this happened, everything got crazy. Even before all of this, I had depression. It ran in the family. Because of all the craziness I came down with alopecia, which is where you lose 100 percent of your hair. I was in a state of trauma and shock, and I needed guidance.

JF&CS helped me with everything: getting full social security disability benefits, finding housing, getting food benefits, and, ultimately, improving my mental health. I was in an all-over-the-place state of mind. It gave me a very stable and calm feeling knowing that I had someone who would call me every Tuesday to help me with everything.