Mike Lee and Tom Acevedo were on the way to New York for the weekend… a perfect time to continue the conversation about adopting a child. “As Mike drove, I did research” explained Tom. The couple quickly realized, however, that this deeply personal process can often feel very cold and transactional. “It was adoption via 100 questions, with no human interaction,” said Mike.

Then they found JF&CS Adoption Resources

“Their operating model felt 180 degrees different from any other agency we had researched. We were able to connect with an actual human from the very beginning…and many of the Adoption Resources staff have their own personal connections to adoption, which was quite helpful to us.”

The JF&CS Adoption Resources model is deliberately designed to be extremely supportive. The team blends deep expertise in the complex world of adoptions with a strong commitment to the families they serve. They believe in building relationships, with the adoptive family at the core of a caring network of support.

Interested families are encouraged to start the process at a monthly orientation program (typically on the first Tuesday of the month). This meeting introduces pre-adoptive families to the range of available services and addresses the many questions families have about the adoption process and their options. The JF&CS team is also available for individual consultations, free of charge.

“The adoption process can be exciting and overwhelming,” commented Director Betsy Hochberg, MSW, LICSW. “In addition to our home study work with families, we also provide a number of educational workshops to prepare families for the arrival of their child. Adoption has changed over the years and many of our families travel to other states to adopt newborns. We help families network beyond MA to find the best resources. We also offer new parent groups to help families share their experiences—building relationships while sharing the stresses and the joys. Adoption is a lifelong event, and we remain connected with many of our families for years!”

“It can be a real rollercoaster of an experience,” commented Tom. “But JF&CS was by our side the entire time, providing information, support, and encouragement. There is a real nobility in their deep commitment to families.”

Like many clients, Tom and Mike were pleasantly surprised to learn more about how JF&CS supports families throughout the community. “We came in through the adoption door, but after a while, we were exposed to the full breadth of what JF&CS does for families…especially during COVID. The team has a real generosity of spirit, a clear passion for their work, and an ever-expanding impact.”

Mike and Tom’s daughter Audrey is now three and a half. “A good friend of ours has been involved with JF&CS as a volunteer…she reminds us that universe gives you the child you were meant to have,” commented Mike. “As Audrey continues to grow and learn, we believe even more deeply in that statement. And we continue to feel so grateful to JF&CS for the comprehensive and caring support they provided as we completed our family.”

About JF&CS Adoption Resources:

Licensed Massachusetts to provide domestic adoption services, JF&CS Adoption Resources offers a variety of programs to assist individuals and couples pursuing adoption. Our comprehensive services provide support and counseling before, during, and after placement. We work with a wide range of single parents, same sex couples, and heterosexual couples— helping families choose the level of openness in their individual adoption.