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Aging: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Training

One in five older adults suffers from some form of mental illness.

These mental health issues can jeopardize housing, cause serious problems for communities, and can put older adults at risk for suicide. Mental health is increasingly a concern of housing and community service providers.

Training and Educational Resources for Staff and Older Adults

At JF&CS, we bring more than 20 years of experience and expertise in working with older adults in the field of mental health. We recognize the need to foster caring housing communities that are equipped and empowered to address mental health issues and support a population of diverse older adults. We work in senior housing and in community settings and are available to educate, train, and consult with staff and older adults on these topics.

Host a training on these topics:

For Staff

  • Tips & Techniques for Understanding Older Adults who may be Struggling with Mental Illness
    A comprehensive overview of the mental illnesses most common for older adults and tips and techniques on how to better address problematic behaviors that occur as a result. Participants will leave with new tools for working with challenging older adults.
  • You Can Save a Life - Suicide Prevention
    An overview of depression and other risk factors and warning signs for suicide in older adults. Participants learn what to do if warning signs are present and become familiar with resources available to assist someone who is contemplating suicide.
  • Social Bullying: Assessing and Intervening with Older Adults
    Participants learn to identify key characteristics of social bullying among older adults and to identify and practice strategies to address social bullying behavior.
  • Exploring the Experience of Aging 
    An interactive discussion and presentation for staff of all ages who work with older adults. Participants come away with a better understanding of their experience of aging and ageism and how that relates to the older adults with whom they work. We also discuss what to expect as we age; both the normal challenges of aging and the problems that can be associated with aging faced by many older adults. The workshop offers practical strategies to support healthy aging.

For Older Adults

  • Living in Community Series
    • Spirited Aging
      A facilitated discussion on the experience of aging and its joys, challenges, and surprises.
    • The Joys and Challenges of Living in Community
      A discussion about how to promote civility and tolerance in housing communities.
    • Tips and Techniques for Understanding and Assisting Neighbors who are Struggling
      A workshop that provides older adults with basic information about the common mental and physical health issues that older adults experience and how to better support a friend or neighbor who may be struggling.
  • Optimism and the Art of Aging
    A workshop to identify the health benefits of practicing optimism and fostering resilience.
  • Elder Abuse: What You Need to Know 
    A presentation highlighting the different forms of elder abuse, what to be aware of, and how to protect yourself, as well as others who could be at risk.
  • Social Bullying: Assertiveness Training for Bystanders
    An opportunity for older adults to learn about social bullying and, more importantly, how to be good bystanders and reduce bullying behaviors in their communities.
  • Sexual Harassment in Older Adult Communities: Understanding the Issue and How to Respond
    This workshop provides a general framework for understanding the complex issue of sexual harassment in older adult communities. Participants will learn what sexual harassment is, acknowledge the “gray areas”, better understand the impact on targets and, most importantly, learn how to respond when it happens in their communities. The workshop will reinforce the themes of personal choice and the importance of creating an environment where all older adults can feel comfortable. 
  • The Good News About Aging
    A discussion about shifting the paradigm around aging by learning the true facts about memory and aging and focusing on the positive aspects of living a long and fulfilling life.

JF&CS suggests an honorarium of $150 per hour for time and travel (plus mileage) of presenting staff, but please know that we do allow for flexibility based on your circumstances.

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Bullying: Assessing and Intervening with Older Adults 

This one-hour webinar identifies the key characteristics of social bullying among older adults, distinguishes bullying from other problematic behaviors, and teaches simple strategies to address and intervene when bullying happens in your setting.

Tips and Techniques for Supporting Residents with Mental Illness, Guide for Staff in Housing for Older Adults-A Webinar Companion

This one-hour webinar highlights the key information in Tips and Techniques for Supporting Residents with Mental Illness, Guide for Staff in Housing for Older Adults. The guide reviews the most common mental illnesses found in older adult populations. The webinar uses two case studies to provide practical techniques and suggested language for addressing mental health issues that often face residents in housing or any community settings. We suggest downloading the guide before viewing the webinar.


We are grateful to the MA Department of Public Health Suicide Prevention Program, the MA Executive Office of Elder Affairs and individual donors for their support.

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