Adoption Resources offers a variety of programs to assist individuals and couples pursuing adoption. We are licensed in Massachusetts to provide domestic adoption services.

Our comprehensive services provide support and counseling before, during, and after placement. We work with single parents, same sex couples, and heterosexual couples, and help families choose the level of openness in their adoptions.

Our professional staff, many of whom have a personal connection to adoption, will answer any questions you might have. Of course, one of the most important questions that many prospective parents have is how long the process will take. The time to complete an adoption may vary tremendously. Please feel free to contact us at the time you are ready to start the application process to get the most current information about expected placement times.

Getting Started

We strongly encourage all pre-adoptive parents to attend our monthly orientation, typically on the first Tuesday of the month. This meeting will introduce you to all of our services and we can answer many of the questions you might have about the adoption process and your options. We are also available for individual consultations, free of charge.

We Can Help

We provide comprehensive home study and post-placement services for domestic adoption for Massachusetts residents.

Adoption Resources offers a "traditional” newborn domestic adoption. We network in Massachusetts and throughout the country to provide counseling and placement services to pregnant women and to match them with waiting adoptive families.

Families receive a full range of services, including the completion of a home study, educational programs, ongoing support, and post-placement supervision, in addition to all necessary legal procedures to complete an adoption. Our staff provides one-on-one assistance for families completing photo albums and “birth parent” letters that are used during the matching process.

Local birth parents work with Adoption Resources to select an adoptive family for their child. In addition to reading letters and looking at photo albums, they receive detailed, non-identifying descriptions of the families. In most cases, adoptive parents and birth parents choose to meet each other.

Adoption Resources has a strong commitment to finding homes for all children. The Lindelil Fund provides financial assistance if needed for parents interested in adopting children of color or children at risk for special needs.

We encourage prospective adoptive parents to take a proactive approach and consider pursuing more than one route to creating or adding to their families. Through our Parent Identified/Designated Adoption program, we assist families in exploring other avenues, including selecting an out-of-state agency, attorney, or networking service to help facilitate locating birth parents with whom you would like to work towards making an adoption plan. We have a growing network of these resources. In addition to conducting your home study and providing post-placement services, we will help you select those resources that are most appropriate for you.

In March of 2017, Jewish Family & Children’s Service, with generous support from the Krupp Family Foundation, commissioned a study on the challenges that LGBTQ people face before, during, and after the adoption process. This report summarizes these findings,which are based on 34 in-person, telephone, and email interviews, supported by an extensive review of the academic literature on adoption. Read more.

For more information, contact us at or 800-533-4346.

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