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Braided, 2022: A JF&CS Mosaic

JF&CS Mosaic by JF&CS Boston

This mosaic was created for Jewish Family & Children’s Service by the New England Mosaic Society to mark the expansion of the Family Table space. The four strands of the braid represent four areas of work at JF&CS (basic needs, early relationships, older adults and people with disabilities), and the way that services are integrated to support the varied needs of individuals and families. Each section of the mosaic was designed and made by a different NEMS member to symbolize one aspect of the work. 

Every piece of the mosaic is framed by colored tiles. These tiles are color coded to different areas of our work:  

Yellow: older adults
Blue: people with disabilities
White: basic needs
Green: early relationships

Mosaic Designs & Artists

1 Stepping Stones (basic needs)
Created by Amy Gilman
2 Thought Bubbles (early relationships)
Created by Linda Cundiff
3 Scales of Justice (older adults)
Created by Angel Cacciola
4 House(s) (older adults)
Created by Betsy Rodman
5 Connecting Circles = Human Connections (people with disabilities)
Created by Joanna Liss
6 - Hands Holding a Heart (basic needs)
Created by Ann Thompson
7 Ripped Puzzle Pieces Being Sewn Together (early relationships)
Created by Billie Klegraefe
8 Tree/Plant (people with disabilities)
Created by Carol Krentzman
9 Sun (older adults)
Created by Carrie Fradkin
10 Big Circle with Little Circle Inside (early relationships)
Created by Cassie Doyon
11 Autism Puzzle Piece (people with disabilities)
Created by Cecilia Kremer
12 Food (basic needs)
Created by Cheryl Perrault
13 Dove for Hope (basic needs)
Created by Cheryl Cohen
14 Baby Hand, Held by Mama Hands, Held by CERS Hands (early relationships)
Created by Claire Ammon
15 Ear = Listening (older adults)
Created by Corinne McKeown
16 Web/Net, Safety Net (older adults)
Created by Emily Bhargava
17 Connection by Phone (basic needs)
Created by Karin Vander Schaaf
18 Wheelchair Icon (people with disabilities)
Created by Erika Bourne
19 Braille/Cane = Blindness (people with disabilities)
Created by Eugenia Mezhirova
20 Tree Rings with Protective Bark (older adults)
Created by Jamie Tessler
21 Lotus Flower (early relationships)
Created by Jane Chaskey
22 Bumpy Road, Arrows Image (early relationships)
Created by Jane Adams
23 SNAP/EBT Card (basic needs)
Created by Jean Cummiskey
24Bricks for Building a Foundation (people with disabilities)
Created by Bette Ann Libby
25 Bulb for Heat and Electricity (basic needs)
Created by Amy Marks
26 Musical Note (older adults)
Created by Kim Stewart
27 Path Forward/Brick Road (early relationships)
Created by Kim Alexander
28 Circles of Care (older adults)
Created by Lauren Mehrberg
29 Gradient of Color - Range of Skin Colors (people with disabilities)
Created by Erika Robbins
30 Fork/Knife/Spoon (basic needs)
Created by Laurie Ososky
31 Book for Learning (people with disabilities)
Created by Lee Berman
32 Nest (early relationships)
Created by Laurie Frazer
33 Tree with Deep Roots (older adults)
Created by Lisa Houck
34 Pregnant Belly/ Hands Supporting Pregnant Belly (early relationships)
Created by Mary Fierman
35 House(s) (basic needs)
Created by Tina Santoni
36 Chai in Hebrew (people with disabilities)
Created by Rhonda Heisler
37 Coins (basic needs)
Created by Rhonda Heisler
38 Hearts (older adults)
Created by Susan Altman
39 World/Earth (early relationships)
Created by Sue Howard
40 Pillars (older adults)
Created by Suska Matsik
41 Neural Pathways (people with disabilities)
Created by Terry Bromfield
42 Fruits and Veggies (basic needs)
Created by Marybeth Barker
43 Bricks for Building a Foundation (people with disabilities)
Created by Linda Cundiff
44  L'Dor Va Dor (early relationships)
Created by Angel Cacciola
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