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In Memoriam: Betty Ann Greenbaum Miller of blessed memory
August 31, 2015
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Posted by Marjie Sokoll

Betty Ann Miller, z'lIt is with a heavy heart that I share the sad news of the death of Betty Ann Greenbaum Miller, z”l. 

Betty Ann was one of the earliest supporters of JF&CS Jewish Healing Connections, something she cared about deeply. And even when she wasn’t feeling well and unable to attend meetings or events, she always showed great interest in the work of helping those facing the challenges of illness and loss.  

On a personal note, Betty Ann was a great inspiration to me; I learned so much from her. As a person living with serious illness, she was very generous in sharing her thoughts and insights about the lived experience. I always appreciated her deep spirituality and her love of Jewish tradition. I will miss her greatly. She became a dear friend.

I leave you with her beautiful prayer written for our Jewish Healing Connections Prayer Booklet.


MY GOD!  OUR GOD! Could You please add to my blessings?

Would You bless me with days and weeks and months in my life 
when I don’t have to pick and choose between the normal daily activities 
because the resources for energy are running too low for all of them?

Would You bless me with the strength of an immune system and body 
so that if I want to smother a runny nose baby or coughing hacking adult 
with my affections I can do it without concern of compromising my own health?

Would You bless me with blood test reports that 
confound medical science and put the numbers 
in the realm of a miracle?

And while You are assessing what is possible and how 
everything actually fits together….given the free will of 
our human realm and the complexities of Your creation….

Would You continue to bless me with the Courage to wake up, get dressed, and get going…..?

Would You continue to bless me with the Will to fight, argue and act on behalf of myself and my health?

Would You continue to bless me with the Grace I strive to carry in my life 
and into all of my relationships every time I give of myself and try and share 
my lessons about faith, friendship and love.

Would You continue to bless me with Community who pray for me, care for me and celebrate life with me?

Could You please add to my blessings?

-Betty Ann G. Miller

Hear about Betty Ann’s connection to Jewish Healing Connections in her story Moved by the Mission.

Marjie SokollMarjorie U. Sokoll, MEd, JF&CS Director of Spirituality and Aging, is the founder and director of JF&CS Jewish Healing Connections, which helps people feel a sense of connection when facing the challenges of illness, loss, or isolation by offering spiritual and communal supports to foster hope, comfort, and wholeness guided by Jewish tradition. “It is not good for people to be alone.” (Genesis 2:18). Marjie also provides spiritual support for the JF&CS Parkinson’s Family Support Program, is a founding partner at the Kalsman Institute for Judaism and Health, and holds a certificate of thanatology from the National Center for Death Education.

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