<p>Let us welcome your family to the Jewish Community with a home visit, gift package, and resource guides to programs and events in your area. If you or your partner is Jewish and you have had or adopted a baby in the last six months, we would love the opportunity to meet you and your baby.</p> <p>This program is a collaboration of Jewish Family &amp; Children&rsquo;s Service and Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston with generous support from CJP.</p> <p><a href="/Our-Services/Parents-Children/Center-for-Early-Relationship-Support/Welcome-Baby/Welcome-Baby-Towns">View a complete list</a> of the communities served by this program.</p> <p>To receive or refer a Welcome Baby! visit and for additional information, contact Laura Gerson, LICSW, Welcome Baby Coordinator at <a href="mailto:welcomebaby@jfcsboston.org" class="ApplyClass">welcomebaby@jfcsboston.org</a> or 781-693-5635.</p>