Picking up the phone and declaring "I need help" can often be an overwhelming moment. When you need help for your aging parent or an older adult who doesn't have family support, that call can be down right daunting—especially when you are starting down a path with hundreds of options and no idea where to begin.

That's where the aging life care managers of Your Elder Experts come in. Karen Wasserman, Your Elder Experts Director, explained, "The Your Elder Experts team can help a family navigate what options best match their personal resources, and what solutions are appropriate, both for right now and in the future."

That first phone call can be tough, but Your Elder Experts is there to offer the level of help that feels right for you. Sometimes what you need is some advice to get you pointed in the right direction, and sometimes you need someone to walk step-by- step with you through the entire process.

"Consultations," shared Wasserman, "are where we meet with an older adult, a family, or a caregiver to offer education and advice on the process and what is available. We can also be a part of the whole process, from acting as eyes and ears for someone who is unable to be as hands-on as they would like, to supporting transitions around living situations, medical issues, or crisis management.

"It can be incredibly difficult to go to a nursing home knowing you're looking for[a place for] yourself or your parents – no one wants to," Wasserman continued,"but sometimes it's the appropriate place. Going in with someone who can have a professional distance and then talk about it after can be very helpful."

Your Elder Experts can be the teammate of an only child – or serve as a buffer when familial relationships are strained. For children who live in a different state than their parents, Your Elder Experts can act as ‘Johnny-on-the-spot' during a crisis, updating you on the situation and keeping medical professionals in the loop regarding medications and healthcare needs of the older adult.

For Andrew Shure and Jeffery Musman, Your Elder Experts meant answers where they previously had none. When their business partner, Joe, fell ill, they had no idea how to find the end of life care he needed. Luckily, a co-worker recommended they call Your Elder Experts."We went from having no idea how to start—one day he was working, the next day he was never to return to his home," said Andrew and Jeff. "Thankfully, we had help with every piece of that process. Susan, our care manager, helped us understand the process and make an educated decision."It was important for Joe, their partner, to be a part of this process. Andrew and Jeff both worried about how he would react to someone coming in and offering to take the lead, but Joe very quickly realized that he could trust Susan and his team at Your Elder Experts.

Andrew and Jeff agreed; "Susan, who we knew not at all, has become one of our friends. She was an incredibly important person in the process. We would not have been able to get through this without her—she had options for us when we had no options. For anyone going through these kinds of issues, this is the best money you'll spend in the process."

Andrew and Jeff know personally just how daunting the process of caring for a sick loved one can be, but they both agree: pick up the phone and call.