JF&CS Volunteer News Spring 2015

When Lauren Schleicher was only ten years old, she wrote an essay that appeared as a letter to the editor in the Jewish Journal. The essay was about her father - who was her hero because he was a volunteer for many different local organizations and causes, and because he gave back so much to the community. Lauren recalls with pride how both of her parents were "professional volunteers," serving on numerous boards and committees, including Cohen Hillel Academy, and leading JCC "Super Sunday" events. She remembers how she and her family would volunteer at My Brother's Table, a soup kitchen in Lynn, and how as a teen, she babysat free of charge for a local family that could not afford a babysitter. "Both my parents were very philanthropic, not only with their money, but also with their time," she explains. "They were both my heroes and I'm thrilled to work in an environment where volunteerism is so highly valued."

Lauren previously worked in the JF&CS Development department where she enjoyed working with donors and getting to know them in a professional setting. As Manager of Volunteer Services, she gets to incorporate those people skills along with her passion for volunteering. "I like forming relationships and meeting great people - people who love this agency and what it does," she emphasizes. "My goal is to get to know volunteers and potential volunteers so that their participation is not just a one-time thing. Each volunteer should feel special and needed."

A native of Marblehead, Massachusetts, Lauren attended Hofstra University, majoring in sociology. She then found herself working as a talent agent for Broadway performers at the renowned William Morris Agency in Manhattan and then at Sames & Rollnick. Eventually, she moved back to the Boston area to be closer to her family and because she felt like she wasn't "contributing or giving back" to the community.

A devoted (or even obsessed) Boston Red Sox fan, she met her husband, a graphic designer, through a Red Sox chat room. Together since 2008, they married in 2011 and had a daughter, Olivia, in 2012. Lauren's quick wit becomes apparent when she notes that although "Olivia doesn't volunteer yet, she shares well."

"I encourage anyone reading this who wants to volunteer and become a part of the JF&CS family to contact me so we can learn about your skills and interests to find what suits you. Let's make a match!" adds Lauren.

Interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at JF&CS? Please contact Lauren Schleicher at lschleicher@jfcsboston.org or 781-693-5576.