Posted by Elizabeth Schön Vainer

This Sunday an extraordinary documentary will air on Boston's ABC affiliate Channel 5 at 2:00 p.m. I Believe You is a courageous exploration of domestic violence and faith. How does one's faith influence how one responds to being abused? What is the response victims of domestic violence receive when turning to their faith leaders? And how can a faith-based ritual, such as mikveh, support survivors of domestic abuse? Diva Communications has taken the time to explore these questions with integrity, sensitivity, and care. Journey to Safety was proud to partner with Mayyim Hayyim and support filmmakers David Vinik and Debra Gonsher Vinik's filmmaking. With amazing tenacity they traveled around the country listening to and documenting real stories about domestic abuse, religion, and different faiths.

In preparation for this announcement I found the Facebook comments fascinating to read and I was especially moved by a gentleman named Irwin Kula, who commented, "I have watched I Believe You twice. The first time I was so overwhelmed by the power of people's witnessing and truthfulness that all I could do was sit quietly in awe and so I watched I Believe You again. This is one of the most extraordinary, moving, unnerving, destabilizing, inspiring, spiritually profound, and wise documentaries you will ever see. In a world with so much darkness of which religion plays far too great of a role I Believe You shines a light on the genuine life-saving and life-affirming quality of faith."

Watch a powerful two minute clip of this film.

Elizabeth Schön Vainer is the program director of Journey to Safety, the JF&CS response to domestic abuse. Elizabeth is pleased to bring her many years of experience collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to investigate child and domestic abuse to Journey to Safety and JF&CS. She believes that only through collaborative efforts can we truly serve our clients. Elizabeth has a BSW from the University of Tel Aviv and a MS in Organization and Management from Antioch University.