Posted by Doreen Cummings

Evan Taylor, a client of the JF&CS CHAI Day Program, was the featured pianist at the 2010 Walk Now for Autism Speaks Greater Boston Awards Dinner, in the State Street Pavilion at Fenway Park on January 21, 2011. More than 200 people attended the celebration!

Evan, age 24, takes piano lessons at the Boston Conservatory Program for Students on the Autism Spectrum. His teacher this year is Valerie Snow, a Needham resident pursuing her master's degree in music education at TBC. Learn more about the autism music program.

Alice Taylor, Evan's mom says, "With Evan you get the whole package, baggage and all. It went well - Evan was a little anxious about the snow, but he loved looking out over the ball field from high up. The Autism Speaks crowd was a WONDERFUL audience."

Please view the YouTube video of Evan's performance. (If you only have time to listen to one song, start the video at 4:35 to hear his final and most complicated piece.)

Doreen Cummings is Director, Day, Individual, and Family Support and has been with JF&CS Services for People with Disabilities since 2005. After receiving a psychology degree from Wheaton College, she worked at the Charles River Center from 1994-2004. During her time in the field, Doreen has been heavily involved in developing family support, day, creative living, and community programming. Doreen enjoys playing softball, singing, being a fan of all Boston teams, web development, iPad-ing, and time with family.