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Sleep Consultations

Sleep challenges are among the most common concerns of families with infants. Sleep deprivation affects the entire family and can leave a family feeling debilitated, helpless, and irritable. Each family's beliefs, values, attitudes, and personal histories affect sleep behaviors.

Sleep ConsultationOur Sleep Consultation program provides information, guidance, and support for families facing sleep challenges. We offer an individualized approach that includes specific strategies designed to meet each family constellation. The Sleep Consultants are trained parent educators/clinicians who work to understand each family and their own unique circumstances.

Discussion includes the child's development, temperament, the parents' efforts, their involvement, and familial sleeping patterns. Our sleep consultants work to sort out the advice and pressures that may be affecting the family's situation.

*Please note that we are not offering Sleep Consultations at this time. However, we will continue to offer occasional Sleep Conversations workshops. For questions or more information, please email Diane Gardner at   

Telephone Consultations — On Hold 

Most consultations take place over the phone at an agreed-upon time. Office-based consultations are also available if the family prefers. Home visits may be arranged based upon consultant availability.

Support Group

We offer a Sleep Conversations Group several times per year. The group covers a wide variety of topics and addresses the specific concerns and questions of the group. The group is a supportive environment for parents to share their questions and concerns about sleep. The group is facilitated by experienced members of our Sleep Consultants Team.

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For more information, please email Diane Gardner at or call 781-647-JFCS (5327).  

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