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Warning Signs

Friends and family often make the mistake of thinking that abuse survivors are easy to spot because they have obvious physical injuries such as a black eye or broken arm. Although that is sometimes the case, often the warning signs are more subtle. While the following list is far from comprehensive, be aware if a friend, family member, or coworker:

  • Frequently changes plans or cancels/misses appointments and social engagements
  • Wears seasonally inappropriate clothing, particularly turtlenecks and long sleeves in warm weather or sunglasses inside
  • Rarely has spending money and/or is hyper-attentive to getting and keeping receipts
  • Receives repeated, persistent calls or text messages from his or her partner in short periods of time
  • Is hyper-attentive to answering persistent calls and/or texts
  • Makes excuses for partner’s comments or behavior
  • Has bruises or injuries in different stages of healing, often with explanations that don’t make sense or sound plausible
  • Stops attending worship services, social gatherings, or other functions (may be a sudden or more gradual disappearance)
  • Has trouble maintaining a conversation or social interaction (may appear distracted or uninterested)
  • Gradually or suddenly makes an uncharacteristic change in dress (could be a shift to more revealing clothes or to a more modest look)
  • Engages in self-harming behaviors (such as cutting or abusing alcohol and other drugs) or shows signs of an eating disorder
  • Expresses suicidal thoughts; shows signs of depression

If you are concerned that someone you care about is in an abusive relationship, please consider reaching out for support and consultation.

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