JF&CS Benefit 2014

JF&CS has been providing support, guidance, and emergency assistance for people facing economic hardship throughout our 150-year history. At the JF&CS Benefit, we shared stories of how JF&CS improves the lives of people and families in need.

HandsElise*, a 62-year-old woman with a disability, was living with her 93-year-old mother and had received financial assistance from JF&CS in the past and was currently receiving groceries from our food pantry. Unable to pay an assessment on their condominium and fearful about what would happen to her and her mother, Elise reached out to JF&CS for help. JF&CS provided financial assistance to prevent eviction proceedings. With the stress of possible eviction put aside, JF&CS staff began to research housing regulations and client rights to prepare for future advocacy. The JF&CS staff member connected Elise and her mother to a free JF&CS geriatric care manager to help with long-term planning. When it became apparent that getting to JF&CS to pick up food was a challenge, JF&CS provided them with monthly deliveries. JF&CS helped avert a financial crisis that might have resulted in homelessness and connected them to long-term support to address the issues of aging and housing stability.

*Name changed to protect privacy.