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JF&CS Contracts Manager Can Tell You Where to Go
March 14, 2013
Although I deal with spreadsheets rather than clients, working at JF&CS has made me a valuable resource to family and friends.

Easy Steps for Your Everyday Health
March 6, 2013
Did you know that giving yourself a hug is just one of the many easy steps you can take for your everyday health?

A Promise to My Father
February 19, 2013
A Promise to My Father is a moving story of Izzy Arbeiter's journey back to his childhood home in Poland for a pair of silver candlestick holders.

Expert Clinicians
January 30, 2013
The success of JF&CS programs depends on many factors. But one of our most important success factors is the people on the front lines, our clinicians.

Caring for Seniors
January 28, 2013
JF&CS receives almost 1,000 calls a year from seniors, their families, social workers, physicians, and others in the region and across the country.

Kristen's Kitchen
December 4, 2012
Kristen's Kitchen addresses healthy eating and social connection for seniors, improving their chances to remain independent.

The Arts and Health
November 20, 2012
Parkinson's Family Support hosted two visitors whose efforts publicize the positive impact of the arts on health.

Promoting Aging-Friendly Communities
August 8, 2012
We're excited to share our report about BrooklineCAN, a town-wide aging in community model to engage and care for older adults.

The Healing Power of Music
July 11, 2012
I know that it is such a cliche when people say, "I get more than I give," but it is so true.

Engulfed by Hoarding
June 12, 2012
In the JF&CS Guardianship Program, we protect the most vulnerable of elders from harm and often, clear the path to their profound transformation.

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