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Building a NESST
September 25, 2013
Project NESST offers support for substance-exposed newborns and their families.

The Magic of Learning Together
July 1, 2013
Faculty, family, and friends celebrated the graduation of ten participants from the Infant-Parent Training Institute two-year Fellowship.

Human Connections
July 1, 2013
Many of you know that I grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia. My family and I lived in a four room apartment that we shared with three other families.

A Week in Dnepropetrovsk
June 11, 2013
I am writing this in the airport in Kiev during a six-hour layover in my return travels from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine to Boston.

CERS Friendraiser
April 18, 2013
A group of friends gathered on a recent Saturday night at the home of Rachel and Mark Rosenthal to learn about the programs of CERS.

Kind Words
January 9, 2013
Although the impact cannot always be observed, kindness can be so powerful.

Sharing the Journey of Prematurity
November 16, 2012
November 17 is World Prematurity Day. The Fragile Beginnings program of JF&CS supports preemies and their parents.

Busy People
October 24, 2012
Barry and Linda Klickstein, JF&CS supporters, have built a busy life that would leave most of us breathless.

Special Support for Preemie Parents
October 22, 2012
Fragile Beginnings provides the emotional support preemie parents need after leaving the hospital.

Prematurity Takes Center Stage
July 20, 2012
The JF&CS Fragile Beginnings program was highlighted at the 2012 Bio International Convention, as a model of patient advocacy and partnerships with industry.

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