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The Healing Power of Music
November 20, 2015
Nancy Mazonson shares how Parkinson's Family Support uses the power of music to heal.

Creating a Supportive Parkinson's Community
April 1, 2015
Thanks to the Okonows, JF&CS provides a community for people with Parkinson's and their families.

Bringing Elders Together
March 31, 2015
Norton and Claire Sherman wanted to support Jewish elders at JF&CS.

Memory Cafés: A Welcoming Space for People with Dementia
March 20, 2015
JF&CS started the second memory cafe in Massachusetts.

Relieved to Find Your Elder Experts
March 6, 2015
JF&CS was life changing for my parents and me.

The Marathon of Parkinson’s Disease
March 3, 2015
Having a parent with Parkinson's can present some formidable challenges for adult children.

International Day of Commemoration
January 28, 2015
Yesterday was the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of Victims of the Holocaust.

Inspiring Us to Keep Hoping
January 16, 2015
Last week, a great soul passed who had participated in Parkinson's Family Support dance and drumming classes.

1940’s JF&CS Caseworker Comes Back to JF&CS
January 14, 2015
In the late 1940's, David Rosen was a student at the Boston University School of Social Work.

The Conversation Project
January 12, 2015
CJP SeniorDirect presented the Conversation Project to JF&CS Parkinson's Family Support participants.

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