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News & Event

Adoption Resources Orientation

An informational seminar and overview of our programs, costs, and options for those interested in adoptions.

Circle of Security Parenting Group

Circle of Security is a free support group that helps parents respond effectively when their children are acting out.

Círculo de Seguridad Para Padres

Círculo de Seguridad es un grupo de apoyo gratuito para madres y padres, que puede ayudarte a entender con más claridad las necesidades de tu hija/o para que así puedas responder a ellas de mejor manera.

Entre Nosotras/Among Us

A Spanish speaking support group for parents with young children. Un grupo de apoyo gratuito para mamás con niños pequeños.

Fragile Beginnings Support Group

Free remote support group for parents whose infants and children were born prematurely or have spent time in the NICU, with a special focus on navigating challenges and celebrating successes.

Free Support Groups for Parents of Newborns

Our new parents groups provide safe and nurturing spaces for mothers and/or fathers to give and receive support, ask questions, and begin building a parent community. Now meeting weekly via Zoom.

Life After the NICU: Parent Support Group

A four-week in-person support group for parents whose babies have spent time in the NICU.

Mothering After Mother Loss

This five-week support group is an opportunity for mothers of young children to explore how the loss and absence of a mother influences one’s own parenting experience as well as to receive and give support to others in the group.

Mothering Without a Model Support Group

Did you grow up with a mother who was unable to provide a positive model of parenting?

New Adoptive Parents Support Group

Join our new adoptive parents support group.

Online Workshop: Medical Risk in Domestic Infant Adoption

Join Dr. Lisa Prock for an online workshop that provides information to prospective adoptive parents about medical information/biological history they may receive regarding their child.

Parent Café

Connect with other parents and hear from experts in different areas of parenting.

Parents of Multiples Support Group

Come share the unique experiences of mothering more than one baby.

Parents of Toddlers Support Group

A weekly support group for parents of toddlers, aged 1 - 3.

Postpartum Depression Support Group - “This Isn’t What I Expected”

These groups offer the opportunity for mothers suffering from depression or anxiety to meet in a nurturing environment.

Pregnancy Support Group

A free weekly support group for women who are pregnant.
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