New American Services

New American ServicesNew American Services has been providing a number of resettlement and post-resettlement services to refugees and immigrants throughout the 150 year history of the agency. We have responded to humanitarian needs of diverse populations and continue to do so by serving refugees and asylees from more than twenty countries each year. We have a particular commitment to serving those from the former Soviet Union.

Citizenship Assistance

Assists in the naturalization process by helping with INS applications, Green Card processing, preparation for citizenship test, and interviews as well as providing interpreters for interviews.


Matches volunteers with individuals who are in the process of naturalization and need help mastering their English skills.

Translation and Notary Services

Offers notarized translations and other notary services.

Russian Community Services

An information and referral source that identifies health, legal, and counseling resources as well as direct short term service.

Russian Elderly Services

Provides assistance to Russian-speaking elderly members of the community and advocacy on behalf of those seeking help and support regarding benefits and aging well at home.

Russian Teen Boston-Haifa Connection

Connects youth in Boston and Haifa through educational and social experiences; promotes a deeper understanding of Israel, its life, culture, and challenges; strengthens awareness among Israelis regarding the Jewish American community; and puts Israel on the personal map of each teenager participating in the program.

For more information, call 781-647-JFCS (5327) or email your questions via our contact us page.

Supported by CJPThis program was funded in part by CJP.

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